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LGBTQ+  Speaker, Writer, Consultant and Content Creator!

Marley (They/Them) is a freelance speaker, writer and consultant, with a passion for Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion in particularl for Trans rights. As a Non-Binary person and parent of one, they combine their transition and lived experience with speaking, writing and blogging to improve Trans and LGBTQIA+ inclusion and rights. Marley is devoted to creating resources for Trans/Non-Binary parents, sharing their journey and stories as a Trans/Non-Binary parent on @thenonbinaryparent. 


They hold a BA in English Literature and a Diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism. Marley has also been selected by Penguin Random House for their 2022 WriteNow editorial program. Marley is British Italian and is based in London, UK. 


They like to experiment with various writing styles and techniques. They are never afraid to tackle any project or find new, creative ways to come up with something fresh and original. Please feel free to contact them directly if you would like to learn more about their work.

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