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Living as a Non-Binary person can come with its own challenges, mostly from other people and their approach to our identity.

I have been living out and proud as a Non-Binary person for the last three and half years and here are five things I wish people knew:


‘I’m going home.’ For many, that thought brings peace, nostalgia and happiness. 

Yet many LGBTQIA+ people have complicated and difficult relationships with the places where we grew up. So what can we do?

Many queer folks grew up in places where we couldn’t be who we are. Places where we had our first experiences of oppression and shame. Places where we felt so different and uncomfortable, we couldn’t wait to leave them behind. 

That was true for me too.


Because the world is still coming around to understanding inclusivity around gender, there always will be scenarios where my worries are confirmed and I need to prepare myself for that. This is especially true for travellers like myself when my documents don’t match my gender and for travellers who have changed their documents but might not have undergone surgery or hormone therapies. And because there aren’t many resources out there when it comes to Trans travel, here are a few things that have helped me as I navigate airports so that travel can be the adventure it should be instead of a source of anxiety. 

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As we talk about Transgender people in the workplace, I think it’s helpful to begin with what we mean by the word Transgender. Transgender is the umbrella term for people who do not identify as their assigned gender at birth, this includes but is not limited to Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming people. 

While things have changed quite a bit regarding LGBTQ+ discrimination at work, more than 50% of transgender people are still not comfortable being out about their identity at work for fear of discrimination and judgment. So let’s break down why the workplace might not feel welcoming and how your workplace can become a welcoming and open place for Transgender people.

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Since coming out as Trans/Non-Binary, I often get asked: "What about your kid?" and "Has it changed your parenting?"

It bothered me when people asked me personal questions about being a trans/non-binary parent - especially when so many doubted we could be great parents. They assumed that being Trans/Non-Binary somehow has a negative effect on how we bring our kids up.

But we’re parents just like any other. So I now use it as an opportunity to explain how coming out has made me a better parent.


True Allyship is something that goes much deeper and requires a lot more work than just making money off of limited edition rainbow products or posting a rainbow-themed logo. Corporations can achieve true inclusion only by uplifting, celebrating, valuing and increasing the visibility of marginalized groups. This does not happen overnight but requires conscious work on unlearning biases around identities such as age, gender/sexuality, and race/ethnicity. A true Ally will push to advance the company inclusion policies, tangibly and vocally commit to fight against discrimination, and promote a positive culture that supports people from marginalized groups. 


This week the German Football association bucked the trend of sweeping and sudden decisions banning trans women from sports, by allowing trans athletes to compete in all football leagues. The science behind trans people in sport may still be evolving but at least we can all agree, everyone deserves to enjoy the wellbeing and community that sports brings.


The trans/non-binary kid inside me did a twirl when I first heard about the Laverne Cox Barbie doll. I wish I’d had one as a kid. As a trans parent, I know how powerful it is now.

This year more than 200 anti-trans bills have been proposed in the US. In the UK we are constantly bombarded by anti-trans content in the media, while the government excludes trans people from conversion therapy protections. We need positive representation more than ever.


Companies looking to improve their diversity and inclusion can often struggle to know where to start. With representation of all minorities (thankfully) climbing higher up the agenda, it is important for companies and corporations to invest in the right resources, speakers and creators to make sure that their allyship is more than skin deep.

Engaging trans creators can immediately make your output more inclusive and diverse, providing a strong and authentic signal that your commitment is year-round, rather than a one-minute wonder.


This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box toThis is all great but how do we teach our kids to do even better as they grow? Leading by example is surely the best method but open conversations and honesty about the darker side of travels should also be at the forefront. Here is a quick guide on how to teach our kids how to approach sustainable travel and why it is important. start.


Travel is usually synonymous with the joy of discovering new places, cultures, and expanding our way of looking at the world and seeing how beautiful it really is. Sometimes though, it can also mean having to face additional challenges and hardships because of the color of your skin, sexual orientation, or religion. Maria Ahmad, a Pakistani Muslim, shares her experience of traveling and living around the world with her family.


In recognition of Pride Month (celebrated every year in June), Demond shares his views and tips on traveling as an interracial LGBTQ+ couple and family, and how to discuss these topics with children.


Italy has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases after China. Despite the lockdown measures put in place by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the spread hasn’t abated. The pressure on the health system, already affected by years of cuts and understaffing, has been acute. Nurses and doctors work around the clock. Medical students are being asked to step in earlier than planned, canceling their final exams in an effort to help with the pandemic.


We've compiled a list of must follow Trans+ IG accounts to bring some much needed Trans joy to your feed (Trans+ as a term refers to anyone within the Transgender umbrella of identities, including non-binary and gender-non-conforming) .


The Trans+ community is full of joy, vibrancy and euphoria. Beautifully diverse, this list combines the voices of so many Trans+ people who are fighting anti-trans sentiment through visibility, educational resources and lived experience.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 10.04.04.png

Unfortunately, parenthood is still a very gendered experience that sometimes leaves out even cis-het males. (This must be a first!)

As an Enby (Non-Binary) parent myself, I can tell you of numerous situations when I have felt isolated, misgendered, ignored and disrespected. From healthcare to community spaces, there are many things that still need to change for parenthood to be a truly inclusive experience.

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 12.26.11.png

Some of you might know that I am actually Italian and tend to spend a few weeks during the summer holidays in my hometown: La Spezia. A small town on the coast, where tourists and locals alike spend a lot of time at the beach! This year marks the first time I have come back to Italy as an out and proud Agender person. 

I have to be honest, the trip has brought home a lot of anxiety, mostly because I had no idea on how I would tackle the endless hours that I would have to spend on the beach or with friends on boats, wearing swimwear. 


When I tell people I didn’t come out as trans/non-binary until I was 35, people’s reaction that its 'a bit late' and that I've 'missed out on so many years' is so off the mark. I came out at just the right time.


In my last post, I introduced the concepts of Diversity, Equity, Justice, & Inclusion (DEJI). By starting there, you can look more internally at your organization’s approaches. Here are some additional tips on how to move beyond the rainbow flags as your sole symbol of support.

Here are some steps for businesses to become true allies to historically marginalized people and communities. While I speak personally from the LGBTQ+ perspective, allyship would show up through your support and advocacy with and for all people from marginalized groups such as people of color and people with disabilities.


I have always had a fascination with what most people would consider masculine clothes.I remember obsessing over pictures of celebrities wearing perfectly trimmed tuxedos at awards ceremonies or my favourite combination of t-shirts, jeans and leather jackets for their day to day occasions. There was always a pang of jealousy at seeing those beautiful humans wearing clothes that according to society were not meant for me. Since finally coming out as Agender, I have found so much joy in trying out all the ‘restricted’ clothes combinations I have  dreamed of. There is nothing else that gives me quite the same gender euphoria. 


Pride as an Agender person is the freedom to be me and take up space in a world that tells us we do not exist. It’s showing that same world that we have always existed and are worthy of respect and acceptance - Marley (they/them)


This is your Project description. Provide a brief summary to help visitors understand the context and background of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to startWhile it is true that discrimination is often at the heart of the LGBTQ+ narrative and we must keep the conversations going to be able to fight our battles, that’s not all there is to it . Queer lives are so much more than this; they are real and full of so much happiness that I find it hard to believe that there is no space for it  when telling our stories. 


By now we all should know that clothes really have no gender. But somehow, when it comes to kids clothing, it’s all about pinks, blues and typical gender stereotypes, think princesses and dinosaurs. Clothes play such a big role in our lives, they help us express our personalities and break away from the mold and social expectations, it surely should be the same for kids clothing. 


Traveling with kids has its unique challenges, but most of them are pretty straightforward: sort out the kids’ passports, research the best travel gear, ask for recommendations on destinations and accommodations, etc. However, for LGBTQ+ families things are not always that easy.


Family travel can be an enriching and fulfilling experience but it also comes with its own challenges and concerns. Mariam Sanai, a Muslim mom of two based in France, shares her family experience on traveling as a Muslim family, diversity, and what they most like about exploring the world. 


Things were finally looking up for Antoine and Baptiste, a Paris-based couple, after years of saving funds, researching, traveling back and forth to the U.S., navigating the complex world of international surrogacy, and enduring two failed pregnancy attempts. Their much-longed for baby is due in July and they were busy making plans to collect him. Then, Covid-19 upended all our lives, and they were left struggling once again.


Motherhood is a powerful time in a woman’s life when ideas around identity are often put into question. For a closeted bisexual mom living in a straight marriage, the whole identity erasure can be even more daunting. In this anonymous interview (we have changed the name to protect her identity), Katia tells us all about her experience and internal battle as a bisexual mom wanting to come out to her little girl. 

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